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How can I top up my card?

You can replenish the card both in cash and non-cash via card-to-card transfer or using card account details. For cash replenishment, we recommend using Globus Bank branches and EasyPay or City24 terminals. You can also deposit funds through any online payment service, but at the rates of the selected service.

How do I block my card? Can I unblock the card?

The Client repays the loan amount, fees and interest for its use in accordance with the terms of the agreement, tariff plan and requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, including: repayment of the loan amount, fees and interest for its use within the terms and in accordance with the payment schedule provided for in the consumer loan agreement (in the case of lending in the form of account and credit line lending, the payment schedule may not be provided). early repayment of the consumer loan in full at any time and without additional fees related to early repayment.

Where can I find the payment card service fees?

To familiarize yourself with the tariffs, please visit the website of Bank:, in the "Private individuals" section and select "Card products".

How can I get acquainted with my card statement?

Select the desired card and go to the "Information" tab, then select the appropriate section.

How can I add a card of another bank in the GlobusPlus application?

In the "Menu" section, select "Cards" and click the "Add card" tab, you will need to specify the card number, expiration date and CVC2 code of the card you want to add to the application.

How to manage card limits in the application?

In the "Menu" section, select "Cards", select the appropriate card, and in the "Information" tab, go to the "Limit management" section.

How can I see the full card number and CVC2 code in the application?

To view the CC2 code, go to the "Cards" section and select the desired card. Go to the "Information" tab and select "Show CC2". CVC2 code is displayed for cards issued after 05/2021. To display the card number in full, you need to press and hold the card image, the full card number will be displayed on the screen, and at the same time it will be automatically copied to the buffer.

How can I see my account details in the app?

You need to select "Cards" in the "Menu" section, select the appropriate section in the "Information" tab, and choose the type of details you want to receive.

Can I apply for a card online?

Yes, on the main page, you need to select the "Cards" section and click the "+ New card" button

What card can I apply for online?

You can pay online: 1. GlobusPlus credit card with tariffs available here: 2. GlobusPlus Light debit card, tariffs are available here:
3. yePidtrimka card for receiving state aid, tariffs are available here:

Where can I find tariffs for the GlobusPlus credit card, GlobusPlus Light debit card and ePidtrimka card?

Click on the "More" button in the bottom menu and go to the "Terms and Conditions" section

How can I copy a card number to paste it into another program or website without having to enter it manually?

A long press on a map in GlobusPlus copies its number to the clipboard for later use.

Does the GlobusPlus card support Apple Pay/Google Pay?

Yes, add your card to Apple Pay/Google Pay and make contactless payments.

Is there any interest on the positive balance of the GlobusPlus, GlobusPlus Light card?


Why do I have no credit limit on my GlobusPlus credit card?

The possibility of setting a credit limit is considered individually when you open a GlobusPlus credit card and depends on many objective factors. Use your card more actively and we may be able to review your credit limit in the future.

Can I change the credit limit on my Globusplus card?

Yes, you can reduce or increase the credit limit on your GlobusPlus card. To do this, click on the card and on the "Information" section, and then on the "Credit limit" button. You can also change the limit through the "More" button in the bottom menu, then "Settings" (next to your photo), "Credit limits" and "Credit limit on the card".

What is the grace period for the GlobusPlus credit card?

The grace period is up to 62 days. To avoid paying interest on the loan, you must repay the debt in full by 18:00 on the last business day of the month following the month in which you used the loan, Example: On January 1, you spent UAH 5000 on your card, and on January 15, you made another purchase for UAH 1000. If you deposit these 6000 UAH to your card by 18:00 on February 28 (the last business day of the next month), you will not pay any interest.

What happens if you do not pay the full debt within the grace period on the GlobusPlus card?

Interest for using the credit limit (54% per annum) will be charged from the moment the debt is incurred on the amount of the daily debt Example: On January 1, you spent UAH 5000 on your card, and on January 15, you made another purchase for UAH 1000. If you don't pay the UAH 600O by 18:00 on February 28 (the last business day of the next month), the interest on the credit limit will be charged from January 1.

What is the minimum payment amount for a GlobusPlus card?

The monthly minimum payment is 5% of the amount owed at the time of settlement (but not less than UAH 100 and not more than the balance owed).

Is there a cashback for payments with a GlobusPlus card?

Yes, there is. Select the "Cashback" section in the "More" block.

How to close the card?

You can close the card only in a branch of our Bank.

What is the ePidtrimka card for?

ePidtrimka — is a card for targeted crediting of financial assistance from the state for citizens of Ukraine.

What do you need to receive financial assistance under the state program eSupport?

Be a citizen of Ukraine, open an ePidtrimka card and apply for assistance in the Diia app or through a competent authority.

Is it possible to issue a GlobusPlus, GlobusPlus Light or ePidtrimka card?

To receive a GlobusPlus GlobusPlus Light plastic card, you first need to issue a virtual card in the application. And if you already have a card, go to the "Information" section and click the "Order a plastic card" button. Regarding the ordering of a plastic card ePidtrimka, we would like to inform you that currently Globus Bank issues only virtual cards.

How can I spend funds under the ePidtrimka program if I don't have a smartphone with contactless payment capabilities?

You can transfer money to any plastic card and use it to make a payment or withdraw cash.

What can I spend the funds under the ePidtrimka program?

The funds can be spent on any purchases, pay for services in the mobile application, transfer funds to cards of other Ukrainian banks, and can be transferred to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Where can I replenish a payment card with cash without a fee, except for a bank branch?

Replenish your card at EаsuRau terminals without commission The maximum amount of replenishment is up to UAH 5000 per payment. Funds are credited instantly.

Why can't I use the card I opened today? (for those registered as a private entrepreneur)

According to the NBU requirements, the bank must notify the State Fiscal Service (tax authority) of the fact of opening an account for a person registered as an individual entrepreneur, even if the account is opened for private purposes (this is a legal requirement - NBU Resolution No. 162 of 29.07.2022). We send a request to the fiscal service with such a notification immediately, but it takes time for the fiscal service to process it. As a rule, the tax office provides confirmation within one day, but in some cases it may take up to 3 business days to resolve the issue. After that, you will be able to use the card in full.

Can I withdraw cash from a virtual card at an ATM?

You cannot withdraw cash from a virtual card at ATMs in Ukraine and abroad. To do this, you need to order a plastic card. How to order it? It's simple: click on the virtual card and go to the "Information" section and then click the "Order a plastic card" button. The card is issued free of charge, and the cost of delivery to a Nova Poshta branch or post office is UAH 100. Ordering a plastic card is available only for GlobusPlus and GlobusPlus Light cards.

Can I withdraw cash from a virtual card at the checkout in a store?

Yes, you can withdraw cash at the checkout in a store with both a virtual card and a plastic card. You can withdraw no more than UAH 6000 at a time. The number of withdrawals is not limited. The fee for withdrawals at the cash desk in the store is the same as at an ATM. How to do it:

1. Before paying for the goods, tell the cashier that you want to withdraw cash.

2. The cashier will enter the cost of the goods and the amount of cash to be issued.

З. You pay for the purchase in the usual way (by card or Google Pay/Apple Pay) and receive the goods and cash.

The list of retail chains that offer the Cash at the Checkout service: 
Supermarkets: ATB, Silpo, FOPA, VARUS, NOVUS, CIM23 (up to UAH 2,000), LOTOK, TOCHKA TRASH FOZZY, ROSHEN (up to UAH 500), Togba, Auchan, KOLO, WINEtime, POSAD, DELVI, NASH KRAI, SPAR, Spirit&food MEGAMARKET. 
Pharmacies: ANC, Pharmacy 911, Pharmacy of Wholesale Prices, Bila Romashka, Blagodiya, Vitamin, Kopiyka, MED-SERVICE, Plantain, Salve, Shara, Pharmacy of the Day, 1 Social Pharmacy.
GAS STATIONS: OKKO, WOG, Ukrnafta, BRSM-Nafta (up to 500 UAH), AMIS, SOSAR, AVIAS. 
Other: EVF (up to UAH 2,000), EPICENTER, PROSTOR, Foxtrot, Shik and Shine, Masterzoo, DNIPRO-M, Territory of Your Equipment, AURORA COUPLE (up to UAH 500).

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