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How to open a deposit?

You only need to follow a few steps:


Go to the GlobusPlus app


Select the Deposits tab 

and click the "Open a deposit" button


Select the currency, desired term 

and amount


Confirm the registration


Deposit terms and conditions

Deposit currency

Minimum amount
1 thousand UAH
Maximum amount
Not limited to
Deposit replenishment
In the first 30 days from the date of for the amount of up to UAH 1 million
Payment of interest
For hryvnia deposits, it is made monthly to the "Online for payments" account

When opening a bank deposit under the terms of the deposit program "Online Deposit", the Depositor, upon the first placement of funds to this type of deposit, opens a current account free of charge under the terms of the tariff plan "Online for payments"


The terms of the bank deposit agreement do not provide for the possibility of early termination of the agreement


The bank shall make any amendments to the bank deposit agreement only with the consent of the client (party to the agreement), unless otherwise provided by the agreement or the legislation of Ukraine


If, before the expiration date of the deposit, the Depositor has not applied to the Bank with the intention to return the Deposit or has not notified the Bank thereof by calling the Contact Center or has not canceled the auto-renewal condition in the Mobile Application, then on the expiration date of the Deposit, the Deposit shall be considered placed on the same terms and conditions and for the same duration as it was placed in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, except for the condition regarding the interest rate. When extending the term of the Deposit, the interest rate shall be set at the level of the interest rate effective at the Bank on the first day of the extended term of the Deposit for the Deposit Online deposit effective on the day of the extended term of the Deposit. The interest rate for the extended term of the Deposit shall be set from the first day of the extended term of the Deposit. The term of the Deposit may be extended more than once. When extending the term of the Online Deposit, issued before 02.02.2023 (inclusive) for a period of 100 and 150 days, the interest rate shall be set at the level of the interest rate for a period of 93 days, which will be effective in the Bank, on the first day of the extended term of the Deposit for the Online Deposit, effective on the day of the extension of the Deposit. If the Depositor cancels the auto-renewal of the deposit, then upon expiration of the term of placement of funds, all funds together with accrued interest are transferred to the current account of the Depositor opened with the Bank under the terms of the tariff plan "Online for payments" (for deposits issued from 02/03/2023) or to the current/current (card) account specified by the Client when placing the Deposit.


When placing a bank deposit, the Bank is prohibited from requiring the Depositor to purchase any goods or services from the Bank or a related or affiliated person as a prerequisite for the provision of these services (except for opening a current account under the terms of the "Online for Payments" tariff plan)

Basic Information

Depositing funds

From a GlobusPlus card or other available card in the application

From any card of another bank of Ukraine

For details

Deposit renewal

The deposit is extended for a new term 
in the automatic mode

You can refuse automatic renewal

can be canceled during the entire term of the deposit,

except for the day of deposit maturity

Payment of the deposit

Is made after the expiration of the term

Payment of interest on the deposit is made in UAH 

to the account "Online for payments" or in the currency 

of the card chosen when making a deposit

The payment can be received without commission 

at Globus Bank branches, transferred to a client's card 

in another bank of Ukraine or to an account in another bank 

of Ukraine according to the details


Deposit rates

Deposit currency


Monthly payment
Partial withdrawal
Early closure
RefillMonthly paymentMinimum amountPartial withdrawalEarly closureRate
32 days
93 days
184 days
275 days
366 days
549 days
731 days

Deposit Guarantee Fund


When you make a deposit online in the application, you can be sure of the safety of your funds, because GlobusPlus is an application of Globus Bank, which is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund. 100% of the deposit is guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund for the duration of martial law in Ukraine and 3 months from the date of termination or cancellation of martial law in Ukraine. After that, the guaranteed amount will be UAH 600 thousand.

Deposit Guarantee Fund for Individuals

Deposit calculator

Deposit currency

Deposit amount, UAH

1 000 ₴
1 000 000 ₴

Loan term + Interest rate (%)

32 days under 6%
32 days
731 days

Important! The calculation of interest is for reference only. Related services - none

You will receive

1 004.23 ₴

Deposit amount

1 000 ₴

Interest rate

6% annual

Interest rate after tax

4.83% annual

Tax withheld

1.03 ₴

Required documents

Do you have any questions?

Contact the care service in a way that is convenient for you

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