GlobusPlus card  

Cards for currency transactions that can be opened online


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The card is available only in the GlobusPlus application. Register online and open all the cards you want


The GlobusPlus USD/EUR card - a payment card in US dollars or euros, which can be opened online in the application

Convenient to arrange

Virtual card

Apply online in the application

Plastic card

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Features of the GlobusPlus USD/EUR card

Paying for online purchases

Storage of foreign currency

Opening and replenishing 

foreign currency deposits

Receiving transfers 

in foreign currency from abroad

Apple Pay / Google Pay

Main terms of the GlobusPlus USD/EUR card

Registration and maintenance


Cash withdrawals

1% - in Ukraine, 2% + UAH 75 - outside Ukraine

Crediting funds



How to apply for a GlobusPlus USD/EUR card?

You only need to follow a few steps:


Open the GlobusPlus app


In the main menu, click "New card" 

and select a GlobusPlus EUR 

or GlobusPlus USD card


Activate your card and start enjoying 

the benefits with GlobusPlus



Do you have any questions?

Contact the care service in a way that is convenient for you

For calls within Ukraine (free of charge)